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Leading to the future

How to Become the Entrepreneurial Leader of Tomorrow – Today

Leaders deal in ideas. They also deal in ideals. The more relevant and significant the ideas may be, the greater and the more substantial are the …

Lessons from the Ryder Cup

Lessons from the Ryder Cup

The great golfing star Arnold Palmer once said, “Championship golf is 90% mental and 10% technical. But you’ve got to have the technical.” Many motivational and self-improvement writers or speakers would agree, as would almost all good teachers, leaders, managers and executives, and anyone else who has given any serious thought to self-development, organizational advancement, […]

the snail

Mentoring, Monitoring and Mobilizing

    What we do well, we enjoy doing. And, the better we become at something, the more we enjoy its doing — and the better we want to become by doing. Even minute successes or levels of progress engender a greater desire to return to the activity or challenge, enhance and expand the enjoyment […]