Committed to Customer Values

Difficult economies are forcing enterprise software customers to be more discriminating in their choice of product, suppliers and vendors and to get the best value and returns on their investments. Meanwhile, customers are becoming more sophisticated.

With these two forces at work, the demands for high value and low cost are increasing dramatically. So too are demands for rapid and significant ROI. Customers now want high reward and low risk. And they want all of this to be realized quickly.

Cincom is a friend to these trends.

Our corporate strategy ever since its inception has been to

  • deliver the highest value possible at the lowest cost possible,
  • help the customer realize their ROI as quickly as possible and
  • maximize our customer’s ROI while minimizing risks.

In boom times, like we had in the late 1990’s, too many choosers didn’t seem to care how much money they were literally throwing away. They bought heavily into what we call the high-fashion, high-cost providers-heavy-marketing, heavy-selling companies that too often deliver sub-optimal value to the customer at outrageously excessive overall costs.

Their total cost typically is four to five times Cincom’s cost for similar functionality and potential value. Typically every dollar invested in Cincom returns on the average between $20-$30.

Increasingly, high value and low costs, along with rapid implementation and very large ROI and low risks, are becoming major priorities for potential software customers. Fortunately, Cincom shares these same values.