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  • Mastering the Art of Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Mastering the Art of Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Leaders deal in ideas. They also deal in ideals. The more relevant …

  • the snail

    Mentoring, Monitoring and Mobilizing

        What we do well, we enjoy doing. And, the better we become at something, the more we enjoy its doing — and the better we want to become by doing. Even minute successes or levels of progress engender a greater desire to return to the activity or challenge, enhance and expand the enjoyment […]

  • The Science of Selling as an Art Form

    The Science of Selling as an Art Form

    All decision making processes are both rational and emotional. These two processes are  sometimes hard to separate but they are both at work, especially in sales cycle. Selling becomes an art form when a seller tries to incorporate logic, which will appeal to the rational side of the decision, and present images, appealing to the […]

  • anxiety

    Anxiety and Its Antidotes … For Business and Life

    “Dum spiro spero.” – Motto of St. Andrew’s Golf Club Anxiety! When a person is confronted with some significant event or experience that is believed to be both important and uncertain they may feel anxious.  This anxiety-generating situation may be one that is filled with possibility and opportunity, or danger and threat.  Either way, anxiety […]

  • Marketing Insights Gained from Military Strategy

    Marketing Insights Gained from Military Strategy

      All of recorded history confirms that the relative strength of a nation’s military power largely determines the degree it can assert and enforce its imperialistic, economic and political aims. The waxing and waning of its relative military power tends to closely correspond with the rise and fall of nations. Similarly, the relative power of […]

  • Cincom: A Software Powerhouse

    Cincom: A Software Powerhouse

    When asked about software giants, Microsoft usually comes to mind. But, I recently discovered Cincom.

  • Sundial

    Principles Rule: Mastering the Art of Business

    Entrepreneurial success is about understanding and mastery of key principles, not about following rules

  • A Vanishing Skill: Stories, Storytelling, Story Selling

    Explaining the difference between Truth Stories and True Stories.

  • Mind Our Mindsets … Move the World

    “Can the problems we face be solved by the same minds that created them?”

  • Cincom CEO Thomas Nies Speech at United Nations

    Cincom CEO Thomas Nies Speech at United Nations

    Thomas Nies, founder, president, and CEO of Cincom Systems, urged executives, diplomats and officials to simplify their information technology management in a speech delivered on June 27, 2006 at the 18th Annual Information Security, IT Infrastructure, and Business Continuity Conference and Exhibit at the United Nations

  • Cincom Honored by Smithsonian

    Cincom Honored by Smithsonian

    Dr. David K. Allison interviewed Mr. Thomas M. Nies on August 30, 1995.